Over the past 10+ years, my work as a front-end developer has contributed more than 55 Web sites. The scope of work ranges from complete site builds with highly custom theming to small CSS, Javascript or jQuery bug fixes. Here is a sampling of some of my favorite projects that illustrate the scope of my skills as a Drupal site-builder and themer.

University Site Build and Theming

Lead themer for port of custom university site to Drupal 7. Highlights:

  • Lead themer and key liason with client for daily progress reports.
  • Developed Display Suite layouts and theming for all academic departments, offices, and custom pages.
  • Developed content type that allowed client to customize content blocks by using field collections, node blocks, Views blocks and block reference.
  • Responsible for implementing full-responsive theming for handheld, tablet and desktop.
  • Special features: jQuery CarouFredSel carousel on homepage; TB Mega Menus for multi-column menus; context-based Views-based blocks of news and events items presented in Quicktab blocks.

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Tourist Destination Site Build and Theming

Complete site build and custom theming for Web site used as a model for all brands for the parent company. Highlights:

  • Information architecture.
  • Content type configuration for six content types.
  • Custom Javascript for sliding block with automatic and manual open and close.
  • Full-screen images that are fully responsive on desktop and tablets.

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Custom Theming: Real Estate

Reskin for highly customized Drupal 6 project. Highlights:

  • Custom PHP functions for number formats, fields output, Views templates.
  • Implementation of jQuery Dropkick and Uniform for customized forms.
  • Pixel-perfect match of client-provided PSDs for approximately 15 page layouts.


SVG Animation

  • Created SVG graphic based on Adobe Illustrator document provided by designer.
  • Added layers of animated graphics with masks for a marquee-style effect when hovering.
  • Add embedded links to Drupal nodes.
  • Created custom scripts to implement zoom and hover effects.

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Custom Scrolling Script

  • Created content type for Theater page and View block displays, placed using Context.
  • Created custom script to create fixed-to-scroll effect as images enter and leave the view port.
  • Added slight parallax effect for title and text overlays using Waypoint actions.
  • Developed additional script for the SVG map (in sidebar) to focus on the theater being viewed.

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Medical Publisher Site Build and Theming

Development and theming of medical publications resource library. Highlights:

  • Highly customized Views displays involving complex relationships, grouping and filters.
  • Page layout using Display Suite and custom View blocks.
  • Design and theming of all pages following client design standards.

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Legal Access Plans: Site Build and Theming

Complete site build and theming for legal services provider. Highlights:

  • UX consultation with client and inhouse designer.
  • Information architecture and content type build.
  • Built all Views, Blocks, Panels and Display Suite pages.
  • Developed CSS for all pages based on design.
  • Implemented jQuery Lavalamp menu slide effect and homepage Views Slideshow.

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Responsive Video Display

  • Adapted standard video player script to display the video full width and height of specific content blocks, with the video centered verticially and horizontally regardless of the browser height and width. 
  • Added functionality to display editor selected poster (instead of the video service thumbnail) with click-to-play action, remove on play and replace on end.

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Organization Site Theming

Complete custom theme based on provided design PSDs for graphic-intensive site. Highlights:

  • Consultation with site-builder / developer on HTML structure and Javascript implementation.
  • Developing and implementing standards for "channels" to be used throughout the site, streamlining theming time.
  • Pixel-perfect match to design documents for dozens of custom icons, graphic borders and other small design elements.

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Event and Registration Page Theming

  • Theming for webinar information page and registration form based on provided design PSD.
  • Update and debug View listing page of past webinars.

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Custom Validation Script

  • Converted third-party single-page form to two pages.
  • Developed custom validation script for embedded third-party form. (The provided validation script would not work on the first page of the revised form.)
  • Also completed clean-up theming for other features in this project.

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